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  • Vegan Omega algae oil bottle two months supply
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  • no fish aftertaste 1000mg omega 3 limited suply
  • 100% vegan cruelty free, fatty acids plant based
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  • two supplements omega and collagen both Vegan
  • for men and women jogging easy to swallow
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Plant Based Omega 3 Supplements created by women for women

Earth & Elle's Best Omega-3 supplement for women:

They probably aren’t thought of as a supplement for women.

However, omega-3 fatty acids for skin are (EPA and DHA) are effective in easing menstrual pain, cramps and more severe symptoms in those with endometriosis.

Omega-3 supplements have also demonstrated the ability to reduce the severity of PMS in women. Highly anti-inflammatory, algae-derived omega-3 is a great way to improve overall health. 

Our vegan omega-3 soft gels offer a sustainable alternative to conventional fish oil, that is also free of mercury, dioxins, PCBs, and other contaminants commonly found in seafood.

Product Benefits:

Discover Improved Health - Earth & Elle vegan omega 3 capsules help support brain and heart health. Your new favorite potent algae omega 3 supplements are made with high-quality algae oil—60 soft gel capsules.

Vegan Omega 3 Supplement - All Earth & Elle algae omega 3 supplements are vegan. We do our part to reduce the impact on fisheries around the globe. Check out more of our vegan supplements in our storefront.

Unlock Premium Algae Oil - Every dose of our vegan dha soft gels comes packed with omega 3 for skin, Each vegan omega capsule contains 1000mg of Omega 3s per serving and is cruelty-free, and mercury-free.

No Fishy Aftertaste - Say goodbye to fishy aftertaste with Earth & Elle omega 3 algae capsules. Discover long-lasting benefits and increased absorption in an easy-to-swallow once daily omega 3 vegan capsule.

Empower Your Health with Earth & Elle - Discover the transformational benefits of Earth & Elle vegan DHA supplements for men and women. Your vegan fish oil order comes with a 2-month supply.

Rich Omega 3 softgels hands

✅ Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

✅ Improved brain health

✅ Alleviating joint pain

✅ No fishy aftertaste!

✅ Vegan friendly

Our products never contain any:

Artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, gluten, gelatin, dairy, soy, or nuts. Non-GMO. 

Made with only premium grade marine algae oil [Schizochytrium sp.] providing 1,000 mg DHA per serving. 

Our vegan softgel is made with cornstarch, glycerin, sorbitol, and purified water. 

Vegan Omega 3 Certificate OF Analysis PDF Download


The information on this website is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide or replace actual medical advice to individuals from a qualified healthcare professional. Consult with your physician if you have any health concerns


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FAQ Section

Earth & Elle Vegan Omega-3 capsules are designed to boost mood, promote a healthy heart, and support overall wellness through a plant-based source of essential fatty acids,and DHA.

While individual results may vary, many users start to notice improvements in mood and skin health within a few weeks of consistent use.

Absolutely, the omega 3 for dry skin in our supplement helps to nourish and moisturize the skin from within, improving skin texture and reducing dryness.

Yes, our vegan omega-3 supplement is designed to provide all the benefits of traditional fish oil but from a plant-based source, making it an ideal replacement for those following a vegan lifestyle.

Omega 3 for hair and skin helps strengthen hair follicles, improve skin elasticity, and reduce inflammation, promoting overall healthier hair and skin.

Yes, our supplement is 100% vegan-friendly. It is made from algae oil rather than fish oil, making it an ideal source of omega-3 for vegans.

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to play a role in brain health, which includes mood regulation. Many users report feeling a boost in mood and cognitive function.

No. Collagen peptides are derived from animal bones, cartilage and joint tissue. They most commonly come from cows, chicken and pigs. When fish are used, “marine collagen” is derived from fish scales. Vegan collagen boosters seek to offer a plant-based and environmentally friendly alternative that can still boost the body’s natural production of collagen.

Yes. While there isn’t a lot of scientific research on vegan collagen boosters specifically, we know from clinical research that amino acids and plant nutraceuticals like bamboo silica can help boost collagen production just as effectively as orally administered peptides. The two amino acids most prevalent in the formation of collagen are glycine and proline, both of which are contained in our product.

Earth & Elle’s Collagen Booster is completely vegan. It contains the same primary amino acids you would obtain from collagen peptides, which are shown to increase natural collagen production. It contains other key ingredients which support collagen production, including vitamins A,C, and E. It contains zinc. It contains naturally derived, bamboo silica, resveratrol, and amla fruit extract

We would always recommend consulting with a health care practitioner prior to use if you have pre-existing autoimmune conditions or are pregnant/breastfeeding. Generally, vegan collagen supplements are extremely safe. There isn’t the same risk of contamination when compared to animal-based peptides. As most other collagen supplements on the market are made from animal bones, hides, and other connective tissue, there always exists a risk of heavy metal or bacterial contamination. Clean Label Project, for example, found 64% to have detectable levels of arsenic and one third with lead. This is not the case with our vegan, plant-based booster.

Collagen is a vital structural protein in the body. It is responsible for skin elasticity, bone structure, connective tissue formation, and healthy hair. It offers anti-inflammatory benefits and can reduce joint pain. Production naturally declines as we age, and our ability to produce it from precursors obtained through food is not efficient.

Vegans can pretty easily meet the dietary recommendations for ALA by consuming (ground) flax seeds, chia seeds, or walnuts on a daily basis. However, this may not be enough to convert to effective levels of DHA or EPA.

Yes. Research shows that algae oil is as effectively absorbed and utilized by the body as fish oil. Fish don’t actually produce DHA or EPA on their own, but instead get it from microalgae that they eat. Simply taking an algae supplement circumvents the need to take a fish-based supplement, and is much more environmentally friendly. They are also not contaminated with environmental pollutants like fish oil.

Earth & Elle’s Algae Oil Omega-3 is completely vegan. Algae-based products are typically gelatin-free, whereas fish-based omega-3 supplements will be in a gelatin (bovine-based) capsule. It is always a good idea to double check labels and ingredient lists prior to purchase.

While seeds and nuts are great sources of ALA, they don’t contain appreciable quantities of DHA or EPA. Both of these omega-3 fatty acids are essential to brain health and cardiovascular health. They reduce inflammation and lower triglyceride levels. Despite not being classified as “essential” nutrients by the WHO (World Health Organization) or NIH (National Institutes of Health), research proves their importance.

People vary dramatically in their ability to effectively convert ALA into DHA and EPA. Relying on intake of nuts and seeds alone is not efficient. Algae oil is the only way to ensure you get these nutrients your body (and brain) needs as a vegan, or someone plant-based that wants to avoid the use of fish oil.