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About us

Empowering women to lead confident, healthy and vibrant lives.

You Deserve To Thrive

At Earth & Elle, we know all the ins and outs of the health industry.

Led by a qualified personal trainer and yoga instructor, our company strives to be different from other supplement companies.

We don’t prioritize quick profits or incorporate any nasty ingredients, but instead, take the time to consider what our customers really need.

When you choose Earth & Elle, you can rest easy knowing your wellbeing is in safe hands – and that you’re officially on your way to becoming the happiest, healthiest version of yourself yet!

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What We Stand For


There’s nothing more powerful than women building one another up.


We’re here for you – no matter your size, age, race, or anything else.


Earth & Elle offers each customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Make every day Earth Day! We seek vegan alternatives wherever possible.

Meet Our Founder: Paige Feddersohn

Earth & Elle is so much more than a holistic supplement brand: it’s an effective solution for women like you – and it all began here:


In my early 20s, I started suffering from chronic joint pain throughout my entire body. It became worse as time went by, with walking feeling like a near-impossible task and my reliance on prescription drugs growing with each doctor’s visit.


By the time my 21st birthday came around, I weighed just 93 pounds at 5’3 – a turning point that made me decide enough was enough. My body deserved more than an endless cycle of medical check-ups and the side effects of heavy-duty medication!


I started incorporating more natural food products and habits into my daily life, with each small change steadily improving my physical and mental health. I also felt inspired to help others do the same, deciding to sign up as a qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher in [YEAR].


…though the story doesn’t end here.

















A few years later, while running a personal training business and sharing my knowledge of naturopathic medicine, I was forced to deal with a highly stressful situation. It led to severe breakouts, damaged hair (made worse by bleaching), and emerging insecurities. I was constantly worried and lost my confidence, refusing to leave the house without makeup caked on or hair extensions applied.


After some time of not feeling like myself, I opened my laptop to research alternative remedies. As if I was back in my early 20s, I discovered holistic solutions that worked wonders for my skin, hair, and overall self-esteem! It ignited an unshakable desire to create something of my own, and from this emerged Earth & Elle.


At Earth& Elle, we offer vegan and non-vegan health supplements to suit your individual choices. Our entire range features active ingredients that treat your body with love and respect – all for a life you feel proud to call your own.


Ready To Discover Earth & Elle?

Take a look at our heavenly range of supplements and kickstart your health and wellbeing journey today!

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