What Are The Benefits Collagen Has On Your hair?

What Are The Benefits Collagen Has On Your hair?

What Are The Benefits Collagen Has On Your hair?

Healthy hair not only adds to your beauty but indicates that your body is producing the necessary number of proteins and nutrients. Unfortunately, a considerable ratio of individuals today face hair-related issues. Poor hair health is caused by various factors, ranging from age to dietary habits. As you age, your body gradually stops making the number of required nutrients that are essential for maintaining your health, including hair. Similarly, pollutants from the air, smoking, or consuming alcohol can result in increased free radicals that eventually damage your hair.

However, various methods can assist you in overcoming the problem, and collagen for hair is one of them. Collagen is essential for one’s health, especially for the skin, scalp and hair follicles.

Before we get into what collagen does for hair, it's important to understand what collagen is.

Collagen And Its Functions

To begin with, collagen is one of our bodies most abundantly found structural proteins, composed of amino acids such as proline hydroxyproline, and glycine. These amino acids are commonly found in different parts of our bodies. For example, Proline is a component of keratin, a protein that promotes the growth of hair and nails. Besides this, our dermis's primary component is collagen.

It is responsible for the structural support of tissues and cellular processes such as tissue repair, and cellular migration. Moreover, collagen and collagen-based products are used by healthcare professionals for treating wounds, diabetic ulcers, and burns. In addition, collagen is used in cosmetics as a moisturizer because of its moisturizing properties. 

You might think what does collagen do for hair? Don't worry, below appended are a couple of advantages to fully answer your question.

Importance Of Collagen For Healthy Hair

Is collagen good for hair? Yes, it is because if our body naturally decreases collagen production, this can cause our hair to become thin, turn gray, and begin to fall out. There is no doubt that collagen is beneficial to an individual in many different ways, for example, improving skin, bones, and muscles. But that's not enough, collagen has also been reported to have a positive impact on hair health. 

A List Of Essential Benefits Of Collagen For Hair Growth

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