Ways To Use Collagen Supplements Effectively

Ways To Use Collagen Supplements Effectively

Ways To Use Collagen Supplements Effectively

The best way to absorb collagen in your body is by intaking in the form of supplements. So, let's dig into the type of collagen supplements that are available out there. 
Collagen Powder Supplements

  • Collagen Powder Supplements

Collagen powder is one of the best forms of collagen supplement. There are several ways to consume it. You can add it to your drinks or mix it with your food. Since it mixes easily into foods and beverages, you will not even notice a change in the taste. Lastly, 1 scoop of collagen powder equals 7 grams of collagen protein which is enough for a day. If your collagen levels are critically low, then you can go with 2 scoops a day too to experience amazing results. Collagen Pills

  • Collagen Pills

The collagen pills or capsules are just a capsule filled with collagen powder. We know that most people are repulsive about drinking milk. But, intaking a capsule daily feels like medication. However, if you are good with intaking pills, then you can go with collagen capsules. Every 6 collagen pills contain 3 grams of collagen protein. Therefore, you need to consume many pills every day to get 40 grams of collagen. Hence, it is recommended to invest in collagen powder rather than pills. 

  • Liquid Collagen

Collagen drinks might sound like one of the best ways to intake collagen. Because who doesn’t want a chilled drink that is both fruity and fulfills collagen needs too? So this is another way of improving your body’s collagen levels. For each 12 oz collagen drink, you get 3 g to 10 g of collagen, and this is enough for a day. 

  • Collagen shots

Whenever you need collagen, just sip one of those collagen shots and you are good to go. Yes, you read it right. Collagen shots are the new trendy collagen supplements and the fact that they can be carried in a pocket makes them even more attractive. However, let me clarify that these shots do not contain any harmful ingredients but are instead enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, biotin, juices, oils, and even caffeine. So now collagen is just a shot away!

  • Collagen Bars

We all keep protein bars with us to satiate those ravings. But who thought that you could intake collagen in the form of a bar? So, here we are introducing you to collagen bars. The best thing about these bars is that their protein source is collagen protein and not dairy or plant-based protein. Hence, this makes it a good choice for everyone. Lastly, a single collagen bar is equal to 12 g of collagen protein which is more than enough for a day. 

  • Collagen Gummies

Collagen gummies look just like candy with an amazing taste. You eat 4 gummies and get 3g of collagen easily. When choosing between collagen gummies vs powder, you should go with the gummies if you have kids as they are found best for fulfilling the kid's collagen level effectively. They would love to eat this sweet candy and their collagen levels will be improved too. 

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