The Benefits of Collagen for Gut Health We know that collagen has a host of benefits when it comes to supporting healthy aging. Collagen, including vegan collagen boosters, can help to maintain skin elasticity and reduce chronic inflammation.

The Benefits of Collagen for Gut Health

We know that collagen has a host of benefits when it comes to supporting healthy aging. Collagen, including vegan collagen boosters, can help to maintain skin elasticity and reduce chronic inflammation. 

What about the potential collagen has to address digestive issues? 

While IBS and gastrointestinal problems are common in women and men, women are far more likely to be diagnosed with IBS or GI symptoms. Research indicates that over 50% of women “seeking a gynecologist for lower abdominal pain” actually have IBS. These same women are also more likely to eventually be diagnosed with endometriosis

The gut and conditions associated with chronic inflammation go hand in hand. We see this in fibromyalgia patients, those with arthritis, and those with neurodegenerative disorders like dementia. 

Fibromyalgia is reported in upwards of 70% of IBS patients

When people think of collagen, they may associate it purely with physical appearance – as a cosmetic product. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as collagen has therapeutic potential as a gut healing powerhouse for women. 

Not only can collagen supplements help to “heal the gut,” but in doing so they can also reduce the risk of long-term health complications associated with inflammatory and auto-immune conditions. 

The Role of Collagen in Supporting Digestive Health

Collagen is clearly having a moment within the context of the health industry. 

Featuring celebrity endorsement from the likes of Jennifer Aniston, collagen is being touted as a be-all-end-all in the beauty and wellness world. 

The major marketing force behind collagen is all about aging; reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and promoting skin elasticity. The beauty industry is a giant, raking in well over $500B annually. 

What about the claims collagen can support gut health? Would a vegan collagen booster work just as well as a bovine-based peptide product? 

Collagen May Help to Repair the Intestinal Lining 

The term “healthy gut” is pretty meaningless. 

There is no scientific basis for what constitutes a healthy gut, and research in this area is still rapidly expanding as we learn more about the importance of the microbiome. 

However, collagen can help to support the lining of the gut and assist in gut repair. It can reduce inflammation and pathogenic bacteria. It can help to properly synthesize nutrients. 

The amino acids present in collagen in high quantities (glycine, proline, lysine, glutamine) are the root cause of this healing. Rather than supplement indirectly through collagen peptides, our vegan collagen booster contains the amino acids themselves, in their bioactive forms. 

What is the science behind leaky gut and collagen? 

These amino acids – particularly glycine and proline, are supposed to strengthen the lining of the digestive tract and reduce inflammation from oxidative stress or endotoxins. In doing so, the junctions in the gut can be repaired. This prevents toxins from “leaking” into the bloodstream.

While this simplifies things dramatically, this study does point out the role amino acids have in regulating the immune functions of the gut. 

Amino acids found in collagen supplements in quantities greater than that of food sources can protect against pathogens and toxins. They help to “maintain barrier function” and the “immunity of gut mucosa.” 

Collagen Can Help to Alleviate Leaky Gut Symptoms

We all know about the importance of having a healthy immune system, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. What most people fail to realize, is the massive role the gut has in regulating our immune function and protecting us against illness and disease

Supporting our digestive health also means supporting overall wellness. Reducing leaky gut symptoms like bloating, stomach pain, indigestion, diarrhea, and lethargy means reducing the risk of developing autoimmune conditions in the future. 

While no one will report collagen to be a bulletproof fix, it does provide a safe and easy option to help repair a malfunctioning digestive system. 

Collagen Provides Essential Amino Acids for Healthy Gut Function

Collagen is a protein that is composed of amino acids. These amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of collagen production within your body. 

Earth and Elle’s Vegan Collagen Booster contains the essential amino acids required to stimulate collagen production, rather than being a collagen-based supplement (animal bones, cartilage, ligaments). 

Earth and Elle’s Collagen Booster also features key supportive nutrients like zinc, amla fruit extract, and resveratrol. 

In this way, the body does not need to break down the collagen peptides to obtain the vital amino acids indirectly. Supplementing with targeted amino acids is more beneficial than indirect supplementation through animal-based bone broth or collagen peptides. 

In animal studies, both L-lysine and L-proline have been shown as effective gut modulators, increasing beneficial gut bacteria, reducing pathogenic (harmful) bacteria, and helping to stabilize the integrity of the digestive system. 

Amino acids contained in our vegan collagen booster, like glycine, have been shown to protect the stomach against ulcers and reduce the severity of IBS. Glycine is an amino acid that has been studied for its ability to decrease gut permeability

Our supplement contains L-lysine and L-proline. These are both active forms of amino acids which are critical to collagen production. Interestingly, they both seem to “upregulate immune function.”

Not only is the gut highly interconnected with overall wellness, but supplements that are often beneficial for boosting collagen production are also great for supporting gut health. Those with digestive symptoms – bloating, acid reflux, IBS, indigestion, or discomfort – would find a lot of benefit from taking Earth and Elle’s vegan collagen booster. 

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