How Can Collagen Be Consumed?

How Can Collagen Be Consumed?

How Can Collagen Be Consumed?

Collagen can be consumed in a few different ways besides its natural production as it comes in liquid, powder, and pill forms.

  1. Oral Consumption

First, in terms of oral consumption, dietary materials such as chicken, beef, pork, and fish skin, as well as bone broth, are high in collagen. Foods with high concentrations of Vitamin C also help in increasing the amount of collagen your body produces naturally.  In addition to this, since collagen is available in capsule form, it could easily be ingested. Moreover, its powdered form could be mixed with beverages and products such as oatmeal and yogurt and can be consumed with ease.

  1. Topical Consumption

In addition to oral consumption, collagen can also be applied topically. For example, it comes in the form of creams that can be applied to a particular body part depending upon the need. In the case of hair, collagen can be applied to the scalp. However, considering that collagen molecules are larger in size, it becomes difficult for the skin to absorb them effectively.


So, does collagen help hair? Well yes, collagen for hair is beneficial in a number of ways. It provides your body with sufficient nutrients that aid in strengthening the scalp. This prevents hair fall as well as hair thinning. 

In addition to this, collagen helps in the production of keratin which is an essential component for hair growth. Moreover, collagen strengthens your defense against free radicals, one of the primary causes of poor hair health. Although the evidence on the subject is limited, individuals who have used collagen supplements have reported positive results.

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