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Become and Earth & Elle Affilate And Earn Commission

We have partnered with shareasale, to enable us to offer commissions to you for each and every unit sold. Our standard commission is 10% and you can start earning today, signup and get access to our assets, and unique coupons with shareasale. 

Welcome to L&P Homegoods Partner Program!

The L&P Homegoods team is passionate about our partnerships. Our approach to affiliate marketing is very simple – we seek to create value for you and your members!

We’ve created general offers and program terms, but we recognize your users are unique. At L&P Homegoods, we feel strongly about delivering the tools you need to be successful and don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to affiliate marketing. We strive to personalize our program and partnerships, so let us know what you need to be successful. We hope to co-develop unique, custom, and exclusive offerings.

What you get…

• 10% commission rate

• Vanities for Custom Placements


• 60-Day Cookies